Found myself with a little time to spare on a Monday evening, so pulled together:

After some expanding (and battling) with the rev0 code, I expanded things to take in account of the additional 4 analog inputs. Those inputs are pushing analog levels for the snare drum MIDI events.

Not pretty, but it's the basic setup I'll be looking at after the MUX arrives (well, as soon as I order it, that is). The MUX itself will consume all of the 8 Pot inputs. I'll snag another direct input from the Arduino for the tempo pot itself.

Here's a quick sound bite from the setup. Not a lot too interesting at the moment, just a standard 4/4 drum line. Eventually, when things are expanded to 2x8, the drum lines generated should be reasonably more complex and nuanced. Perhaps. If not, I'll just keep throwing pots at it until it is.

Been considering how to hook up and manage 16 separate incoming analog lines. I'm thinking of going with a 2x5 IDC ribbon along with a shroud header to plug it into the board that will hold the MUX. the 2x5 grants me 8 signal lines, along with ground and power. 2 ribbons will give me all of the routing I need while only having to deal with two cables inside the case.

Case, too. Oy. Haven't thought about what I'll end up shoving this mess into once I have things together.

Anyway, obligatory shot of the rats nest as it slowly evolves into something.

Next update, expect a fresh new MUX, 7-segment display as well as some cabling foolishness.